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Divining or Dowsing

Discover Water and Minerals through Divining Techniques.

Divining or dowsing, as some call it, has for thousands of years been used as one of the methods by which water and minerals have been located under the ground.

Welcome to Discover Water

I am Mervyn Milner and for the past 20 years I have commercially undertaken this venture to detect water for individuals and companies in South Africa., Botswana and Tanzania.

I have successfully used the ability to find water through dowsing since the eighties. In recent years I started honing my skills, using different systems and techniques resulted in a method that is highly successful for discovering underground water.

I have detected water for residential properties, farms in the Kalahari and mines in the dry Northern regions of South Africa. One client, Andalusite Resources has used my services on three separate occasions to identify water for them. The mine was desperately in need of water and as previous drilling attempts to find underground water had failed. I located a significant amount of water and the mine was saved from closure.

My Services Include:

  • Water Exploration with the distinction between fresh and salty water.
  • Mineral Exploration with a mixture of traditional Geological and Dowsing principles.


  • WATER – Of the last 272 holes drilled, that I know about, 259 were successful. The unsuccessful holes were either not vertical or not deep enough.

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