Guidelines for the drilling of underground water

Man cannot survive without water being available. Climate change and severe droughts made us realize how important it is to carefully plan the usage and control of this life given commodity.

Using underground water can be part of the solution but in identifying the actual location is difficult and can be very expensive and often not successful.

Scientists believe that the amount of underground water is 100 times the amount of water in all the lakes, dams and rivers of the planet.

Water flows in or into underground structures, ie. rivers, lakes or storage areas.(dolomites, aquifers etc.). These “structures” can be water bearing or not. The depth of these structures differ and can  be found in layers, on top of each other. Some being water bearing and others not.

All underground water is not always suitable for human or animal consumption as it can be polluted with huge amounts of salt, iron, lime, sulphur and other toxic chemicals.

I am gifted and have the ability to be able to identify these underground water bearing structures . I can also differentiate between suitable and unsuitable water. Being highly successful with years of experience I have helped many as far afield as Tanzania, Botswana, Lesotho  and all over South Africa.

Drilling for water is a stressful and expensive exercise and I strongly recommend the following :

  1. Make use of reputable Drillers. (Research and ask for references. Calculate and negotiate costs carefully).
  2. Ensure that the driller has enough drilling rods to drill deep. 200m or deeper as fresh water is often deep.
  3. Holes have to be drilled according to the Department of Water Affairs it cannot be out of alignment and must be vertical. The drilling rod can deviate for reasons and can only deviate in the first 30 meters. However once it goes out of alignment it keeps going in that trajectory .So if the rods run true in the first 30m they will continue to be vertical all the way.. It can deviate as much as  14m in 100m and thus miss the water bearing structure completely.
  4. Stay in contact with the water diviner (myself). Too many opinions causes doubt, anxiety and incorrect advice. Drilling then stopped too early, with a waste of money!
  5. With a deep and sympathetic understanding of drought distress and years of practicing water divining successfully it is always a pleasure to be of assistance where I can.

Ondergrondse Water Opspoor

Die aanwys van water word al eeue lank, gebruik om ondergrondse water op te spoor. Die proses berus op n seldsame, aangebore vermoe". Die "aanwyser" benut die energie vermoe" in en om die menslike liggaam. Dieselfde magte word bewustelik en onbewustelik gebruik ter versterking van die waterwyser se vermoe"om met die subtiele elektroniese magnetiese helling van die aarde in wisselwerking te tree.

Prof Albert Einstein was verwonderd met die vermoe van waterwys eis en beindruk met die resultate. Dis nog steeds nie heeltemal duidelik hoe alles saam werk nie, maar navorsing dui daarop dat die uitslag in vele gevalle baie positief is.

Die eenvoudige instrument wat gebruik word reageer slegs op sekere faktore op die menslike senuweestelsel.
Ek besit al jare lank die vermoe" om water aan te wys en gebruik my talent vir 20 jaar met groot sukses. Meer onlangs het ek my vaardigheid begin slyp deur met verskillende metodes en tegnieke te eksperimenteer. Met hierdie beproefde metode is ek hoogs suksesvol.

Kan ook tussen vars en brak water onderskei. Getuigskrifte is beskikbaar.

Map Dowsing

Also known as Remote Dowsing, Long-Distance Dowsing or Over-the-horizon Dowsing, has been described as the Summit; the highest art-form of the Dowsing World. In a nut-shell, Map Dowsing is Dowsing over a Map or aerial Photograph of the Site, with a Pendulum or other Dowsing tool. Dowsing transcends the barriers of time and space,and it is possible to search for virtually anything irrespective of the distance from the actual site that is being dowsed. There are many recorded instances where Map Dowsing has been done from thousands of miles away.With a map or, if one is not available, even a reasonably accurate sample sketch of the terrain, an individual property, whether a plot less than an acre in size or a site of several square miles, can be dowsed by this method.

In the act of map dowsing, the dowser transcends the limitations of space. The map can represent a property in a neighboring country or in a country halfway around the globe.

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Divining or dowsing,

As some call it, has for thousands of years been used as one of the methods by which water and minerals have been located under the ground. FROM THE TIME OIL WAS DISCOVERED, THIS WAS ONE OF THE PRIMARY METHODS BY WHICH OIL DEPOSITS HAVE BEEN DETECTED, AND TO THIS DAY REMAINS A FUNDAMENTAL COMPONENT IN THE DETECTION OF RESERVES. .

There are of course those skeptics who find reasons to discard dowsing as a myth, however the scientific method, on which our civilizations are based, allows scientists only to predict with certain probability that something is either true or false. Errors of false claims have been proven wrong in the past through areas such as Kinesiology, acupuncture and other alternative healing methods. All of these processes access the energy fields within the human body to achieve the desired results and water dowsing can be put into the same category. Kinesiology in particular, firstly strongly refuted, but now widely accepted by the medical profession, uses the energy forces within and around the body to deal with psychological and physical illnesses .Dowsing uses the same forces, consciously and subconsciously, to activate the dowsers ability to interact with the subtle electromagnetic gradients from the earth. Exactly how it occurs is still not clear but as research indicates, the results are very positive in certain individuals.

How Does It Work

The short answer is that no-one really knows—it just does!

The scientific world, geologists and archaeologists and so on appear to put their heads in the sand because here is something that cannot be PROVED nor can it be DISPROVED scientifically. However it is surprising how many water, mining, oil companies and so on use Dowsers in exploration work-- it is never admitted because it may take away the credibility of the large concerns.

All that can be said that it is an inbuilt ability within man from the beginning of time, it helped him to find his food and water and his minerals. Gradually over the centuries our so called sophistication and civilization etc. have stifled these natural abilities, plus, of course , condemnation by the Church particularly in the period of about 1610 until the late 1700's and even today when it was and is, by some , considered the work of the devil. I firmly believe that it is some primeval and natural instinct that lies deep within us all, the Mind which has the ability to receive communication from the Universal Mind that knows and controls everything that their has ever been, that there is and ever will be –GOD. I firmly believe that it is a God given gift—to everyone who is prepared to develop and use it.—to be used for the benefit of our fellow man and the world in which we live.

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