Map Dowsing

Map Dowsing,

Also known as Remote Dowsing, Long-Distance Dowsing or Over-the-horizon Dowsing, has been described as the Summit; the highest art-form of the Dowsing World. In a nut-shell, Map Dowsing is Dowsing over a Map or aerial Photograph of the Site, with a Pendulum or other Dowsing tool. Dowsing transcends the barriers of time and space,and it is possible to search for virtually anything irrespective of the distance from the actual site that is being dowsed. There are many recorded instances where Map Dowsing has been done from thousands of miles away.With a map or, if one is not available, even a reasonably accurate sample sketch of the terrain, an individual property, whether a plot less than an acre in size or a site of several square miles, can be dowsed by this method.

In the act of map dowsing, the dowser trancendes the limitations of space. The map can represent a property in a neighboring country or in a country halfway around the globe.

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