Divining or dowsing,

As some call it, has for thousands of years been used as one of the methods by which water and minerals have been located under the ground. FROM THE TIME OIL WAS DISCOVERED, THIS WAS ONE OF THE PRIMARY METHODS BY WHICH OIL DEPOSITS HAVE BEEN DETECTED, AND TO THIS DAY REMAINS A FUNDAMENTAL COMPONENT IN THE DETECTION OF RESERVES. .

There are of course those skeptics who find reasons to discard dowsing as a myth, however the scientific method, on which our civilizations are based, allows scientists only to predict with certain probability that something is either true or false. Errors of false claims have been proven wrong in the past through areas such as Kinesiology, acupuncture and other alternative healing methods. All of these processes access the energy fields within the human body to achieve the desired results and water dowsing can be put into the same category. Kinesiology in particular, firstly strongly refuted, but now widely accepted by the medical profession, uses the energy forces within and around the body to deal with psychological and physical illnesses .Dowsing uses the same forces, consciously and subconsciously, to activate the dowsers ability to interact with the subtle electromagnetic gradients from the earth. Exactly how it occurs is still not clear but as research indicates, the results are very positive in certain individuals.

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